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Bank transfer

Purchase Online-Course via bank transfer

To purchase your Faciesmethod Online-Course via bank transfer, please follow the next steps:

Deposit the amount of $ 95 or SFR 95 into the following bank account:

Facies Marietta Heldstab
UBS Switzerland AG
Aschenvorstadt 1
Postfach 4473
4002 Basel

Postkonto Nr. 80-2-2
Swift/Bic: UBS WCHZH80A
IBAN: CH84 0029 2292 1595 9802 U

Important: Make sure to write your full name and email address in the comment section of the bank transfer form after successful payment, you receive your personal login data by email

With your login data you will be able to access the course plattform of faciesmethod.com and begin your personal training program right away.